Saturday is ‘Sound Installation Day’ at FOOT 2017

imageUntil 6 pm today, come on by and explore audiovisual installation works by David Lieberman (Seminar Room), Katie Van Winkle and the Digital Dramaturgy Lab/DDL (Robert Gill Theatre lobby), Kendra Jones, Marcia Walker and Frank Incer in the Rehearsal Room.

Join us again tonight at 7 p.m. in the The Luella Massey Studio Theatre (4 Glen Morris Street) for the premiere of a new work by our keynote artist Brandon LaBelle, entitled The Church from Below. 

Admission is FREE

The Church from Below
Brandon LaBelle

Drawing upon histories of peace movements in East Germany, the work takes the form of a performative installation housed within a former Lutheran Church, now The Luella Massey Studio Theatre. It draws out questions of resistance and emancipatory practices, staging a set of materials, recordings and documents that act as a greater scenography of the hidden and the dispossessed. In particular, the work considers how “the underground” performs to nurture the formation of a parallel polis, one that enacts an overall art of survival. From such actions, particular discourses and cultural productions are generated, from illegal publishing to a lyrical poetics of secret messages. In the case of East Germany, peace workshops and environmental protests found support through a network of socially engaged churches, which acted to camouflage dissident work. What might such histories and productions suggest in terms of contemporary crises and the desires for a new social body? How might the art of survival provide a guide for an aesthetics aimed at redistributing the sensible?

Developed in collaboration with the artistic research project Synsmaskin, Bergen Academy.

Proudly presented at FOOT 2017 in collaboration with New Adventures in Sound Art.

Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. He develops and presents artistic projects and performances within a range of international contexts, often working collaboratively and in public. Recent works include “The Living School”, South London Gallery (2016), “The Stranger Seminar”, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne (2015), and “Second Culture Session”, Tel Aviv University (2015). He is the author of Lexicon of the Mouth: Poetics and Politics of Voice and the Oral Imaginary (2014), Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian (2012), Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life (2010), and Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (2006). He lives in Berlin and is part of the Errant Sound collective.


5 Days Until FOOT2017!

A final round of presenter intros for you tonight. Less than a week before the festival now – don’t forget to register! Both our workshops are currently full, but you can audit the mask workshop and a wait-list has been started for the blindfolded walking tour.

Leonard Stein and Liza Futerman will be presenting Notes of Who You Were during the opening collage concert on Thursday, Feb 2nd. Stein and Futerman are  doctoral scholars at the Centre for Comparative Literature and the Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto. Stein’s research compares converso poetry, testimonials and literary appropriations of crypto-Jewish identity, while Futerman researches public discourses around dementia. She is also founder of

On Saturday, February 4th, Adam Tinkle, a multidisciplinary artist and scholar will be presenting an audio essay based on audio recordings with his father. Tinkle has a PhD from UC San Diego and has recently published in Leonardo Music Journal and Organised Sound. Visit his site to find out more about his work.

Toronto-based artist, Kendra Jones, will be presenting the sound installation Autel as part of the festival. Jones is an interdisciplinary artist who works as director, dramaturg, playwright, and performer in both theatre and performance art. Learn more about her work by visiting her website:

FOOT2017 Poster + 3 More Presenters

Tonight we’re excited to unveil the official poster for FOOT2017. Download your copy today 🙂

We also have 3 more presenter introductions for you. Lydia Blaisdell, Katie Van Winkle and Bart Pitchford of Austin, Texas will be presenting a self-guided tape cassette audio play, Bear Eats Bear, available throughout the festival. Learn more about the work by consulting our program. You can also visit Lydia’s website.

Toronto-based Off-Key Productions will be presenting a sampling of their work as part of the first collage concert on February 2nd. Visit their Facebook site here to learn more about the company.

And see a video clip below from another of our collage concert presenters, Becca Moss, an undergrad student at UofT’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. Becca will also be presenting during the first night’s concert on Feb 2nd.



The Delhi Listening Group, Collaborative Dance and Music, and the Work of Berkun Oya

Australian sonic media artist and broadcaster Sophea Lerner will be presenting an audio essay on her work with the Delhi Listening Group. Find out more about Sophea through her website, and about the Delhi Listening Group’s work at at their site.

Toronto-based performers Julia Mermelstein, Kathleen Legassick, Sarah Hopkin and Olivia Shortt will be presenting a dance piece as part the opening collage concert on Friday, February 2nd. Learn more about these artists and sample some music by visiting their websites:; sarahehopkin.wordpress.com

And M.A. student at UofT’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Berna Çelikkaya will be discussing the work of Turkish playwright, actor and director Berkun Oya as part of her paper on February 2nd. See a trailer of Oya’s Güzel Şeyler Bizim Tarafta [Good Things Are At Our Side], which she’ll be discussing, below:

Mask Workshop, Sound Installation and Songs from the Weimar Cabaret

Tonight we’d like to introduce you to the host of our mask workshop, two artists behind one of our sound installations, and a Toronto-based jazz singer.

On Saturday Feb. 4th, Sonia Norris, a PhD student at the University of Toronto, will be hosting a 2-hour mask workshop, exploring the role of silence in performance. Learn more about her work by visiting her facebook site.

Anne-Marie Ouellet and Thomas Sinou of Eau du Bain will be presenting a sound installation based on a frozen lake. Videos of their previous creations are available on their website here (text in French).

And DMA candidate at the University of Toronto, Adi Braun, will be presenting on songs of the Weimar Cabaret. Watch a  sample of her work below, and also by visiting her website:


Shakespeare, Bhojpuri and Dancing Monkey Lab

PROGRAM/WEBSITE NOTE: Please note that we mistakenly cited 214 St George St as the address for the department, but it is in fact at 214 College St.

Now on with more presenter intros!

Darrell Baksh, who is currently studying towards a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad, will be discussing the performance of race in Indo-Caribbean pop music. Listen to a music clip here.

UofT PhD candidate Noam Lior will be talking about multimedia Shakespeare apps at FOOT2017. Lior currently curates Shakespeare at Play, an iOS app that brings Shakespearean text to life through video scenes.

With her group Alma Matters, Toronto-based artist, Sarah Marchand, will be giving a presentation on ASMRtists. Learn more about Sarah’s artistic and academic work by visiting her website:

And writer, performer and instructor at the University of Calgary, Mike Czuba, will be giving on a paper on writing as sound using performance material from his collective Dancing Monkey Laboratories. Samples of DML’s work can be found below:

More Presenters + Full Program Available!

Our full program is now available here! Check out the full listing of the more than 60 individual and groups that will be presenting their work at FOOT2017. Also, learn more about some of our presenters through the links featured below.

Andrew Alfred Watts, composer and doctoral candidate at Stanford University will be giving a presentation on his work ‘Existentialism in Sound’ as part of the opening night collage concert (Feb 2nd). Listen to a recording of the work here. Watts works in a wide range of genres, from chamber and symphonic music to multimedia and electro-acoustic.

Montreal-based Nicolas Royer-Artuso of Thought Experiment Productions will be presenting a paper on John Cage’s 4’33” in Baghdad (poster featured about). Thought Experiment Productions works on politically-oriented works, taking inspiration from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed.

Composer and improviser  Alex Christie will be presenting “Quiet Music for Strings” as part of the collage concert on Sunday, Feb 5th. Christie is also studying towards a PhD in Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT) at the University of Virginia, where he is a Jefferson Fellow. Sample some of his music on his soundcloud page or visit his website here.

And UofT Phd candidate Martin Julien will be presenting an update on his on-going choral work “Why We Are Here!”, created through Nightswimming Theatre. The latest iteration took place in Calgary, as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo (Calgary). See a clip of the work, and learn more about both Why We Are Here! and Nightswimming Theatre.

More FOOT2017 Presenter Introductions

Continuing on with our artist and scholar introductions, meet a playwright, composer, and sound migratory artist.

On Saturday, February 4th, playwright Laura Quigley will be reading from her play, The Waves, which uses vocal explorations based on the work of Roy Hart, Catherine Fitzmaurice and Fides Krucker. Below are three audio extracts from the piece.

At Night

It Is Not Like That


University of Toronto DMA student Parisa Sabet will be presenting a multi-channel soundscape installation, Visiting Grampa, based on memories of her grandfather. Learn more about Parisa’s work and listen to extracts by visiting her website:

And UK based Ximena Alarcón, a sound migratory artist, will be presenting an audio essay titled Suelo Fertil: A Telematic Artistic Platform for Migrant Women, which looks at sonic space in migratory contexts. Find out more about her work here:


Blindfolded Tour, Interdisciplinary Art and More!

Toronto’s Jonathan Silver (photo above) will be taking participants who sign up on a blindfolded walking tour through downtown Toronto (dress for the cold!). Learn more about his work here: and sign up to participate on our registration page here.

Composer and multimedia artist Toni Lester will be presenting an interdisciplinary work as part of the second collage concert on Sunday, February 5th. You can check out her latest album, “Will The Time Ever Come ~ Art Songs and Chamber Music Inspired By Nature,” on CDBaby and sample some extracts.

And Majeed Midhin, PhD student at the University of Essex, will be presenting a paper on Martin Crimp’s Attempts on her Life, directed by Katie Mitchell at the National Theatre (London). See a trailer of that production below: