Call for Papers and Presentations

Call for Papers, Performances, Presentations and Artistic Works
Festival Of Original Theatre (FOOT)

Sounding The Inner Ear of Performance
February 2-5, 2017

The Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies,
University of Toronto

The 25th annual Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT) invites proposals to our 2017 conference entitled Sounding The Inner Ear of Performance — an interdisciplinary exploration of the history and evolution of sound and aurality in theatrical and performative cultures.

In recognition and celebration of both the festival’s 25th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, FOOT 2017 invites proposals for papers, lecture-presentations, performances, installations, audio essays and workshops.

Possible topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Listening, sound-making and performing bodies;
  • Issues of voice, gender, technology and politics in performance;
  • Explorations in voice acting and improvisation;
  • The acoustic and architectural spaces of performance;
  • Practices for addressing performers or audience members with disabilities;
  • Literary and/or dramaturgical approaches to sound (i.e.,‘writing for sound’);
  • The evolving interplay between ‘audience sound’ and ‘stage sound’;
  • Collaborative or participatory methodologies for producing and performing through sound;
  • Sound-centric investigations combining performance and cognitive science; 
  • Design/integration of sound with other elements, such as lighting, sets, costume, video;
  • The history and evolution of sound production technologies in theatre and performance;
  • The growing proliferation of wearable audio technologies (such as headphones, iPods, listening-assistance systems and in-ear monitoring) in theatre and performance culture;
  • Sound-making and listening in the evolution of performance genres and forms such as concert rituals, music-theatre, opera, radio, film sound, mobile audio guides, and web streaming; 
  • Sound design methodologies for immersive and interactive systems such as video games, sound installations, and virtual reality environments.

FOOT 2017 is especially interested in non-traditional proposals that blend art and academia, activism and criticism, theory and practice, as well as interdisciplinary research projects involving architecture, environmental studies, sound studies, ethnomusicology, gender and sexual diversity studies, cultural studies, cinema studies, applied theatre, education, dramatic and comparative literature, philosophy, knowledge media design, computing and information sciences, neuroscience, and health-related fields.

We are equally interested in staging original artistic works that engage with the conference theme. Interested artists are strongly encouraged to send a description of their artistic work along with an excerpt (if available), and necessary technical requirements (if applicable).

Application Deadline: October 1, 2016

Please send a 300-word paper proposal or description of your artistic work, as well as a short bio to:

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