Month: September 2016

FOOT 2017 Seeks Audio Papers/Audible Essays

This year, our Call For Papers, Performances, Presentations and Artistic Works includes an invitation to present work in the form of an ‘Audio Paper’ or ‘Audible Essay’.

So what’s in an ‘Audio Paper’?

Broadly speaking, an audio paper or audible essay contains the following features:

  • The critical exploration of a subject presented through spoken word but augmented and supported by the often intimate and evocative presence of other sounds, such as archival voice recordings, interviews, field recordings and sound effects.
  • An adherence to the essential components of written essays, such as a clear introduction, thesis statement, evidence-supported arguments, references, citations, and a concluding statement.
  • Presented as a pre-recorded (‘fixed’) stereo audio file played back either through loudspeakers or headphones and mobile listening devices. Alternatively, it can be a live speaking voice with pre-recorded audio excerpts (interviews, quotations, sound effects, ambiences, etc.), which are cued/triggered/layered in real time (similar to a live radio broadcast).

But there’s more…!

For a more detailed and provocative description of the format, we highly recommend reading AUDIO PAPERS — A MANIFESTO by Sanne Krogh Groth and Kristine Samsonorganizers of the Fluid Sounds 2015 ConferenceA selection of audio papers presented at Fluid Sounds 2015 may be auditioned here


Should you find yourself compelled to submit a work in this format, please specify your intention to do as part of your 300-word proposal (see our CFP for details).

Please note: completed audio papers/essays presented at FOOT 2017 should not exceed 20 minutes in duration.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at