More Presenters + Full Program Available!

Our full program is now available here! Check out the full listing of the more than 60 individual and groups that will be presenting their work at FOOT2017. Also, learn more about some of our presenters through the links featured below.

Andrew Alfred Watts, composer and doctoral candidate at Stanford University will be giving a presentation on his work ‘Existentialism in Sound’ as part of the opening night collage concert (Feb 2nd). Listen to a recording of the work here. Watts works in a wide range of genres, from chamber and symphonic music to multimedia and electro-acoustic.

Montreal-based Nicolas Royer-Artuso of Thought Experiment Productions will be presenting a paper on John Cage’s 4’33” in Baghdad (poster featured about). Thought Experiment Productions works on politically-oriented works, taking inspiration from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed.

Composer and improviser  Alex Christie will be presenting “Quiet Music for Strings” as part of the collage concert on Sunday, Feb 5th. Christie is also studying towards a PhD in Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT) at the University of Virginia, where he is a Jefferson Fellow. Sample some of his music on his soundcloud page or visit his website here.

And UofT Phd candidate Martin Julien will be presenting an update on his on-going choral work “Why We Are Here!”, created through Nightswimming Theatre. The latest iteration took place in Calgary, as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo (Calgary). See a clip of the work, and learn more about both Why We Are Here! and Nightswimming Theatre.

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