The Delhi Listening Group, Collaborative Dance and Music, and the Work of Berkun Oya

Australian sonic media artist and broadcaster Sophea Lerner will be presenting an audio essay on her work with the Delhi Listening Group. Find out more about Sophea through her website, and about the Delhi Listening Group’s work at at their site.

Toronto-based performers Julia Mermelstein, Kathleen Legassick, Sarah Hopkin and Olivia Shortt will be presenting a dance piece as part the opening collage concert on Friday, February 2nd. Learn more about these artists and sample some music by visiting their websites:; sarahehopkin.wordpress.com

And M.A. student at UofT’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Berna Çelikkaya will be discussing the work of Turkish playwright, actor and director Berkun Oya as part of her paper on February 2nd. See a trailer of Oya’s Güzel Şeyler Bizim Tarafta [Good Things Are At Our Side], which she’ll be discussing, below:

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