FOOT2017 Poster + 3 More Presenters

Tonight we’re excited to unveil the official poster for FOOT2017. Download your copy today 🙂

We also have 3 more presenter introductions for you. Lydia Blaisdell, Katie Van Winkle and Bart Pitchford of Austin, Texas will be presenting a self-guided tape cassette audio play, Bear Eats Bear, available throughout the festival. Learn more about the work by consulting our program. You can also visit Lydia’s website.

Toronto-based Off-Key Productions will be presenting a sampling of their work as part of the first collage concert on February 2nd. Visit their Facebook site here to learn more about the company.

And see a video clip below from another of our collage concert presenters, Becca Moss, an undergrad student at UofT’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. Becca will also be presenting during the first night’s concert on Feb 2nd.



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