5 Days Until FOOT2017!

A final round of presenter intros for you tonight. Less than a week before the festival now – don’t forget to register! Both our workshops are currently full, but you can audit the mask workshop and a wait-list has been started for the blindfolded walking tour.

Leonard Stein and Liza Futerman will be presenting Notes of Who You Were during the opening collage concert on Thursday, Feb 2nd. Stein and Futerman are  doctoral scholars at the Centre for Comparative Literature and the Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto. Stein’s research compares converso poetry, testimonials and literary appropriations of crypto-Jewish identity, while Futerman researches public discourses around dementia. She is also founder of www.ArtsForDementia.com.

On Saturday, February 4th, Adam Tinkle, a multidisciplinary artist and scholar will be presenting an audio essay based on audio recordings with his father. Tinkle has a PhD from UC San Diego and has recently published in Leonardo Music Journal and Organised Sound. Visit his site adamtinkle.com to find out more about his work.

Toronto-based artist, Kendra Jones, will be presenting the sound installation Autel as part of the festival. Jones is an interdisciplinary artist who works as director, dramaturg, playwright, and performer in both theatre and performance art. Learn more about her work by visiting her website: www.kendrajones.net

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